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Tata Docomo Free Broadband speed GPRS Hack

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Save any Drsktop Icon or Folder without "Name"

Normally you have to have a name for an icon, just blank or spaces are not allowed. To make a folder or file with no name, right click on it and select rename. Now hold Alt key and type 0160. 
Now the icon will have no name below it.
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Add Background Wallpaper On Your pendrive...

Just Copy the below code to notepad,the...n save it as “desktop.ini”

I saw How to Place Background Picture for your Pendrive in Orkut Forums.It’s Very Simple.See I have Placed a Background Picture of my Friends for my Pendrive.I would like to share this With you


IconFile=%SystemRoot%\syst​ em32\SHELL32.dll

[{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-​ 00C04FD706EC}]
IconArea_Image=“YourPictur​ eName.jpg”
VeBRA sources – don’t delete the tag above, it’s there for XXXXX purposes -
{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-0​ 0C04FD706EC}={BE098140-A51​3-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}
{5984FFE0-28D4-11CF-AE66-0​ 8002B2E1262}={5984FFE0-28D​4-11CF-AE66-08002B2E1262}

[{5984FFE0-28D4-11CF-AE66-​ 08002B2E1262}]
PersistMonikerPreview=%Web​ Dir%\folder.bmp

1. Where “YourPictureName.jpg” is, delete that and replace with your picture name for example“superman.gif”

2. Put “desktop.ini” and your chosen picture in yourUSB Drive then Hidden it.
3. Refresh and Enjoy with your new background.
4.You can also try on C,D,E F drives.
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Yahoo Mail Setting for your Mobile

For configuration

Go to tools--> Setting Wizard--> Email Setting-->

  1. User name- (your user name)
  2. Password- (your password)
  3. Incoming mail (or what ever yours)
  4. Access point-( your gprs access point)
  5. Mail box name-yahoo
  6. Mail box type- pop3
  7. Security ports- off
  8. Ports- default
  9. APOP secure login-off


  1. Email adress- (your email address)
  2. User name- (your user name)
  3. Password- (your password)
  4. Out going mail server- (or what ever yours)
  5. Access point- (your access point)
  6. Security ports-off
  7. port-587
Thats all now go to automatic retrieval and change header retrieval to always for auto download

To see the screen shot

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BSNL 3G Hack! Browse Internet at 3G speed

Before you start learning how to hack you need to have BSNL 2G SIM and ultimately 3G support mobile phone.

Just follow up the instruction:
  1. Recharge your 2G SIM with Rs 1 to convert it to 3G SIM and use them for free hours
  2. Check the balance by dialing *123#, the message will show that your GPRS free usage is ZERO MB
  3. Now recharge again with Rs 1 to convert in to 2G SIM
  4. Now recharge with Rs 274 for unlimited GPRS usage for 2G SIM 
  5. Now again recharge with Rs 1 to convert in to 3G SIM 
  6. Thats it You have hacked your BSNL 3G for unlimited browsing check the GPRS free usage by dialing *123# it will show 1250000 MB free usage.

Hope it will work for you! Try it and share you thought with us!
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Run Your Firefox browser 500% Faster then any other Browser



How to make Firefox browser run at maximum speed ? 


1. first in the URL bar, Type “about:config”.
It will bring up a list of commands and variables you can edit.
2. The second step is to put “network.http.pipelining” in the filter and change the value to “true”.
3. After that you will want to put “network.http.proxy.pipelining” in the filter.
Like the last one, make that value set to “true” also.
4. Next, locate “network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” and change the value to some number higher, say 10,20 or even 30, it would make up to 10,20 or 30 requests at once.
5. The last step is to right click anywhere and select “New” then “Integer”. Name it “nglayout.initialpaint.delay” and make its value “0″. This will make the browser respond faster on the information of the websites it receives.
6. Close out FireFox  and restart it
loo.. enjoy the new mega speed


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Hack Rapid share and Mega upload and Download unlimited FREE

Hi all, This is for those who have to wait for about an hour after downloading certain amount of stuff from rapid share. To overcome this time constraint follow these steps:


Method 1 your rapid share link
2.then click on free.
3.As soon as timer start type this in address bar and click enter

4.a pop up message will come click ok your counter is zero just download the stuff 

                                                           Method 2 
1.Delete the cookies in your browser internet explorer or Firefox or opera or whatever u use).
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Facebook Tricks to See Limited Facebook Profile Without Adding as Friend

Just SIMPLE TRICK to see Private Facebook Accounts Simply
Yepp There are two methods to see a users limited facebook profile without being friends with them and both are very easy and straight forward to do. However, there is a draw back and that is that the facebook user will most likely know that it is you and they will be able to see your limited profile.
If you would like to be more secretive and can not afford the private user to know that it is you try How to View Private Facebook Profiles. Otherwise, here are these two methods to see the users limited profile.

Many people ask what is the easiest way to view a private facebook account or how to get around private facebook profiles. Well, these are probably the easiest ways to view a private face book account
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Facebook Secret Code Hidden Trick (Easter Eggs Tricks)

This is a really a cool Facebook trick to impress your friends and make them wonder how  you did it. The type of secret facebook code is called an easter egg. Easter Eggs are hidden codes and tricks in games, software and websites that the creators hide for a bit of fun. Eventually somone discovers the hidden secret code.
This facebook easter egg trick is based on the Konami Code which is one of the most famous cheat code in video games. The Konami Code has been used in countless games and is now used on facebook to activate the secret easter egg which is the facebook lens flare.
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Open Youtube with low bandwidth connection and enjoy youtube videos in a while

In Our country like India where average speed of internet connection is very low,it is not possible to watch videos on .
But with the mobile version of youtube it is very easy to watch video on your personal computer.
Below given are the few steps through which you can open Youtube in low bandwidth collection to view instantly youtube videos
                                            Simply Follow the steps  to Have it......
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Hacking Youtube to find HD quality videos

Simple hack to watch good quality youtube videos Many of us are really found of videos and watch videos at youtube or Google Videos.  Ofcourse you prefer to watch good quality videos at youtube than those worse videos.
I am gonna show you a small trick that will do all the wonders, and now you can always get good quality youtube videos.

Step1: Click to video that you want to see, the link will display on Address bar.

Step2: Add &fmt=6 to the end of that string.
That address like:

Optional Step:
To get more quality youtube video
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Tips to Increase Bittorent download Speed

The Bittorrent system can be slow at times due to heavy traffic. so let us tweak bittorrent sharing program a little bit.
There are a lot of different bittorrent clients that you can download. I think the best are BitCommet and uTorrent.

Here is a few tips to speed up uTorrent Client. Similar can be implemented on any other torrent clients ,which you are using.
Step 1: Increase TCP connections
You need to increase the number of TCP connections that are allowed at max.Windows XP Service Pack 2 came with the number of allowed open connections to 10. This is to stop any piece of spyware(in our case bittorent client even) from totally taking over your internet connection. TCP connection allowed should be 50 for optimal performance. The best way to increase the maximum number of connections is to apply patch that is available at A nice way to fix
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Multiple Google Talk Login without any software..Try it

Multiple Google Talk Login without any software..Try it

Just follow the simple steps Below:

1) Right click on the Google Talk shortcut.
2) click on Properties.
3) Go to Shortcut tab on Google Talk Properties window.
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How to Block Or Unblock Websites without software...?

Many times in schools, colleges & offices surfing some sites like orkut,facebook,Twitter,etc are banned !
                                     To overcome this you can unblock  or  block some other websites and play pranks !

Do The Following :
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Bypass GMail Mobile Verification (New)

Here Below two Tricks to REGISTER a Gmail Account withhout
Giving ur phone number...means u can Bypass the Mobile no

Full up the details correctly but enter wrong captcha 3 tiimes and in 4th try enter the correct captcha and accept the conditions aand  all is Done !!
gmail account is ready without mobile verification

second method is even more simpler..
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Hey r u fed up of Mobile-Bills.... Try Fring for FREE CALLING

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Tricks to Increase ur WEB BROWSER loading speed in PC and Mobile

Here are the simply two steps through you can Increase ur WEB BROWSER loading speed & save Time by 65%(both pc & mobi) ?
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Are you Browsing Facebook/Orkut in Cyber Cafe ?

f u r accessing net 4m cybercafe,college or outside
then dont put password may be stored
so use this trick...since
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Free GTalk on PC via AIRTEL in India you and me can also have...
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Set Gmail Into Your s60 device!

Set Gmail Into Ur s60 device!
Mail box type=Pop3
Set POP ON in A/c.               
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