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Selenium XPATH Cheat Sheet


XPATH that contains Partial Text.

Example to Consider.

<span class="style-scope ytd-grid-video-renderer">1 day ago</span>

<span class="style-scope ytd-grid-video-renderer">84K views</span>

<span class="style-scope ytd-grid-video-renderer">1 hour ago</span>

<span class="style-scope ytd-grid-video-renderer">8 hour ago</span>

Need to Grep elements with Text that contains partial word as hour

Code Snippet.

 //*[contains(text(), "hour")]

In case if to Grep elements that contains partial tag.

 //*[contains(@id, "title")]

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Python : Selenium and Chromedriver to take webpage screenshot and send it via email.

Browser Automation using Python

Within this post, we will cover.

  • Use of selenium and chromedriver to take screenshot of most recent webpage status.
  • Will leverage the basic preinstalled libraries to send email.
  • Will know, how we can send an image as a part of email body not as an attachment.
  • Will use the headless mode option of chromdriver, that's is the entire operation will run in background no GUI chrome events will be observed.

We will start with the use case:

  • if you have a requirement to check the current status of a webpage multiple times within a day/hour.
  • If you have multiple of webpages to look into periodically without opening any of it, check status of directly from your inbox only.
We will use a python script here and perform the below operations sequentially.
  1. Take screenshot of webpage using Python selenium library and google chrome webdriver and save it in our folder by name screenshot.png
  2. Use Python base library email and use it's multipart function to draft image as an email body.
  3. Use Python base library to send email using SMTP server.
  • Download mandatory requirements.
    • Install selenium library from PIP
C:\Users\cyberkeeda> pip install selenium
First confirm which chrome browser you have on your system, for this open Chrome Browser --> Click on 3 dots at the top right corner of chrome --> Help
--> About Chrome Chrome --> You will get google chrome version.
  • Create an new directory and place your above chrome webdriver into it.
  • Note your organizations SMTP server URL/IP.
  • Create a new Python file and paste the below script lines within it.
  • Paste and save your python script and replace the below lines with yours.
    • driverPath  : Replace it with the path you have kept your downloaded chromedriver 
    • chrome_options.add_argument('window-size=1920,1080')  : Replace it with resolution what you want for the screenshot.
      • 720p = 1280 x 720 - is usually known as HD or "HD Ready" resolution
      • 1080p = 1920 x 1080 - is usually known as FHD or "Full HD" resolution
      • 1440p = 2560 x 1440 - is commonly known as QHD or Quad HD resolution
    • driver.get(''): Replace it your URL.
    • sendFrom : Replace it your sender's email address.
    • sentTo: Replace it your recipient email address. ( You can use same email for sendFrom and sendTo)
    • smtp = smtplib.SMTP('') : Replace it your own smtp server or IP.

import smtplib
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from email.mime.image import MIMEImage
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart
from import Options
from selenium import webdriver
from time import sleep

def grab_screenshot():

    # Path for your downloaded chromedriver.
    driverPath = '\\Users\\cyberkeeda\\BrowserAutomation\\chromedriver'

    # To activate GUI Mode Uncomment te below two lines
    # And comment the below four lines staring from chrome_options to driver

    #driver = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path=driverPath)
    #driver = webdriver.Chrome(driverPath)
    chrome_options = Options()
    driver = webdriver.Chrome(options=chrome_options, executable_path=driverPath)


def emailScreenShot():


    html_string = """ 
                    '<b>Covid-19 Cases </b> <br> 
                    Do and Don't Link : <br>
                    <img src="cid:image1"><br>Regards <br> Automation

    sendFrom = 'Covid Update <>'
    sendTo = ''
    # Create the root message and fill in the from, to, and subject headers
    msgRoot = MIMEMultipart('related')
    msgRoot['Subject'] = 'Covid-19 Cases Status'
    msgRoot['From'] = strFrom
    msgRoot['To'] = strTo

    # Encapsulate the plain and HTML versions of the message body in an
    # 'alternative' part, so message agents can decide which they want to display.
    msgAlternative = MIMEMultipart('alternative')

    msgText = MIMEText('This is the alternative plain text message.')

    # We reference the image in the IMG SRC attribute by the ID we give it below
    msgText = MIMEText(html_string, 'html')

    # This example assumes the image is in the current directory
    fp = open('screenshot.png''rb')
    msgImage = MIMEImage(

    # Define the image's ID as referenced above

    # Send the email (this example assumes SMTP authentication is required)
        smtp = smtplib.SMTP('')
        smtp.sendmail(sendFrom, sendTo, msgRoot.as_string())
        print("SMTP Error")


Hope this blog post helps you to meet your requirement, in case of any support using above script do comment.

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