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Facebook Tricks to See Limited Facebook Profile Without Adding as Friend

Just SIMPLE TRICK to see Private Facebook Accounts Simply
Yepp There are two methods to see a users limited facebook profile without being friends with them and both are very easy and straight forward to do. However, there is a draw back and that is that the facebook user will most likely know that it is you and they will be able to see your limited profile.
If you would like to be more secretive and can not afford the private user to know that it is you try How to View Private Facebook Profiles. Otherwise, here are these two methods to see the users limited profile.

Many people ask what is the easiest way to view a private facebook account or how to get around private facebook profiles. Well, these are probably the easiest ways to view a private face book account
, although maybe not the best.
First Method
You can send the user a simple message to their inbox. To do this you go to their profile page and it will immediately tell you through a pop up that in order to view a private users profile on facebook you must add them as a friend and it will give you other options as well. Click on message users and send them a small message such as “hi.” Facebook will inform the person that your account can now see their limited profile and that they will also be able to see your limited profile.
Second Method
This may be the better of the two methods to see a facebook users profile. All you do is poke them. This does everything that sending them a message does except it has the slight advantage that most users have no clue what poking actually does, so they may not know that you can see their limited profile. But they will still know that you are thinking about them or that you know they have a facebook profile.
This is just an easy way to see limited facebook profiles. If you don’t mind the user knowing who you are, then these are great methods, but for most purposes if you don’t want a user to know that you are spying on them, it’s not the best method. Use other means, located on this site to be more secretive.

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