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Open Youtube with low bandwidth connection and enjoy youtube videos in a while

In Our country like India where average speed of internet connection is very low,it is not possible to watch videos on .
But with the mobile version of youtube it is very easy to watch video on your personal computer.
Below given are the few steps through which you can open Youtube in low bandwidth collection to view instantly youtube videos
                                            Simply Follow the steps  to Have it......
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Hacking Youtube to find HD quality videos

Simple hack to watch good quality youtube videos Many of us are really found of videos and watch videos at youtube or Google Videos.  Ofcourse you prefer to watch good quality videos at youtube than those worse videos.
I am gonna show you a small trick that will do all the wonders, and now you can always get good quality youtube videos.

Step1: Click to video that you want to see, the link will display on Address bar.

Step2: Add &fmt=6 to the end of that string.
That address like:

Optional Step:
To get more quality youtube video
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