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Jio Giga Fiber Router Default user password

Within this blog post, we will cover
  1. Default configuration ( user,password,default ip ) of Jio Giga Fiber Router.
  2. How we can change default router password of Jio Giga Fiber Router.

Default Configured router Jio Giga Fiber login details details.

  • Default IP :
  • User name : admin
  • Default password : Jiocentrum

How can you change your default router login, follow the below steps.

  • Make sure, your device (mobile/pc/laptop) is already connected via WiFi of your Jio Giga Fiber router, if not connect it first.
  • Open a browser and hit the IP as ( ) in address bar of browser and hit enter
  • Login screen will appear, enter the above shared credentials and hit enter.
    • User : admin
    • Password : Jiocentrum

  • Below Screen will appear after successful login, from there Navigate to Administration
  • Under Administration, a new panel will appear, click on Users
  • Within Users, select user "admin" and right click on it, you will get a option to "edit", click edit.
  • A new window will open and type your new password and save it.

We are done !


  1. The login details are incorrect how can i find the login details

    1. Did you find to any solutions?? Please share

    2. Same here, couldn't login, did you find the correct details?

    3. It means some one changed the password. So, put the pen tip inside the reset button hole on the back of the router. After some time remove the pen tip and it will reset the router. Then you can use the default password and it will ask you to set a new password.

  2. Hello,
    After successfully login, it always lands in the 'change password' page.
    Anyone else facing this issue?

    1. Yes, same issue for me as well. Can some one help, how do I get Menu option after login.

    2. Yes, after first time login, it requires you to change password for security. Type in passwords with Upper case, lower case and numbers etc

  3. I was able to login bur it isn't much useful anyways unless you are a network engineer

    1. You just need basic tech knowledge. No need to be a network engineer. For example you can block urls with certain keywords, for example words like xxx or porn to block all urls with these keywords.

  4. I got too much interesting stuff on your blog. I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work. dotcom secrets

  5. sir net not at all working browsers

  6. try username as admin and password as Admin@1234
    worked for me.

  7. It's not working for me. I tried both the passwords

  8. Ya both password are wrong

  9. Even I am facing same issue
    I could not able to login with these password, could you please help me?


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