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GENEXIS Router - Platinum 4410 || Hathway Router Default ID and Password.


One of the leading broadband connection provider in india, and yes after shifting to my new flat with with my flatmates, i found hathway connection there too.

At some point in time, in order to change some default setting of GENEXIS router shipped with the new connection of hathway broadband, i was looking for default ID and Password, so after googling a lot i found it, if you are looking for it too, you are at right blog post.

Default Router IP :

Default ID and Password depends on Router/Device Model number, for model/device number look into the back side of router.

For Genexis Router Device Model - Platinum 4410.

Default user is "admin".
Default Password is MAC Address of the device, which you can find on the back side of router.
For password look into back side of router the string after word "MAC" is your default password for that router.

For other device do use the following combinations.

User --> admin
password --> admin

User --> admin
password --> password

User --> admin
password --> 1234

User --> admin
password --> use mac address written on back side of router.

Do let me know, for which model of yours the above user-pass combination worked.


  1. can u provide me the firmware of the same

  2. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commentators here! high speed wireless router

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  4. My modem is genexis platinum 4410... Tried all the above combinations including the MAC address on the bottom of the modem... None are working...

    1. Try resetting the modem by holding the reset button with a toothpick .device will restarts.

  5. Can you change login password paltinum 4410


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