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Add Background Wallpaper On Your pendrive...

Just Copy the below code to notepad,the...n save it as “desktop.ini”

I saw How to Place Background Picture for your Pendrive in Orkut Forums.It’s Very Simple.See I have Placed a Background Picture of my Friends for my Pendrive.I would like to share this With you


IconFile=%SystemRoot%\syst​ em32\SHELL32.dll

[{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-​ 00C04FD706EC}]
IconArea_Image=“YourPictur​ eName.jpg”
VeBRA sources – don’t delete the tag above, it’s there for XXXXX purposes -
{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-0​ 0C04FD706EC}={BE098140-A51​3-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}
{5984FFE0-28D4-11CF-AE66-0​ 8002B2E1262}={5984FFE0-28D​4-11CF-AE66-08002B2E1262}

[{5984FFE0-28D4-11CF-AE66-​ 08002B2E1262}]
PersistMonikerPreview=%Web​ Dir%\folder.bmp

1. Where “YourPictureName.jpg” is, delete that and replace with your picture name for example“superman.gif”

2. Put “desktop.ini” and your chosen picture in yourUSB Drive then Hidden it.
3. Refresh and Enjoy with your new background.
4.You can also try on C,D,E F drives.
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Increase Your 10 GB of Disk Space in Windows

Free Up 10 GB of Disk Space in Windows


Find these areas in ur PC/LAPTOP to save disk space

- Turn off or decrease size of disk usage for system restore
If your not using the Windows System Restore feature, then why have it enabled?
If you are using it, perhaps you want to re-evaluate how much disk space its using up (which can be several GigaBytes) for saving checkpoints. If you only want to have 1 or 2 good saved checkpoints to restore from
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Complete Index of the Windows command line

 Complete Index of the Windows command line

ADDUSERS Add or list users to/from a CSV file
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ASSOC Change file extension associations•
ASSOCIAT One step file association
ATTRIB Change file attributes
BOOTCFG Edit Windows boot settings
BROWSTAT Get domain, browser and PDC info
CACLS Change file permissions
CALL Call one batch program from another•
CD Change Directory - move to a specific Folder•
CHANGE Change Terminal Server Session properties
CHKDSK Check Disk - check and repair disk problems
CHKNTFS Check the NTFS file system
CHOICE Accept keyboard input to a batch file
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Show your name after time in taskbar

How to show ur name aftr time in taskbar?
>Control Pannel
>Regnal & language option
>Go 2 Time tab
>Change AM & PM to ur name
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windows Shutting down 100 times faster

Shutting down 100 times faster:
Press ctrl+alt+del
open task Manager
click the shutdown Tab.
While holding ctrl key,
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Trick To Speed Up ur Adobe Acrobat Reader (ALMOST LIKE NOTEPAD)

   AS we know very well that Adobe Acrobat reader always consumes more memory when it starts. The reason behind is, it loads all the plugins, even the plugins that you do not use. This trick is to remove all the plugins from the plugins directory to elsewhere. Hence, whenever you open Acrobat reader it directly opens the files without loading any plugins and the speed is just like Notepad.

Anways use these steps for remedy....
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Delete Autorun.inf Virus Manually using just Winrar Software

In some cases, when your drive is infected with this Autorun.inf virus, you won’t be able to access the drive completely. You have to browse the drive by Exploring it i.e; Ctrl+E keys from the keyboard.
Remove autorun.inf virus from windows

Sometimes ever you will not be able to see hidden files even if you have Show hidden files Enabled under Folder Options. well, this are all the wonders of this Autorun.inf virus.
I am going to show you this rare method of removing Autorun.inf manually using just winrar application, not any antivirus or malware programs.
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Remove duplicate files from your PC/Laptop in easy way

I  always need such  kind of software. I have thousands of mp3 songs packed in various partitions of my hard disk. I have collected these songs from several places and keep them storing, but the problem while augmenting my collection is that I am never sure whether I have copied the set of songs before or not, so I just copy them irrespective of the fact that they may be already present. The consequence is that my limited 40GB hard disk space is almost full leaving me with no more space to store anything else.
That is why I always wanted a software that could compare the contents of two folders and remove the duplicate elements.

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Know How to Send your Folders Directly or (ADD FOLDERS TO Send to..)

A number of times we require a FOLDER too often, like to store our Multimedia files and all !!!
No no need to access the folder and carry out the traditional COPY & PASTE !!!

Do as follows :
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TOLLFREE NUMBERS for any PC problems

U can solve ur problems with these Tollfree nos ..

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Tips to Boost your PC

Boost Ur PC
>Rite click
>VirtualMemry-Change Kep Initial Size Same&Max Size Double.
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Trick To Change your Xp Password

Trick To Change Ur Xp Password:
-Open Cmd
-Type "net user <User Name>"
-Ask for New Password
-Give Password Which U Want -Twice ENTER
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