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Remove duplicate files from your PC/Laptop in easy way

I  always need such  kind of software. I have thousands of mp3 songs packed in various partitions of my hard disk. I have collected these songs from several places and keep them storing, but the problem while augmenting my collection is that I am never sure whether I have copied the set of songs before or not, so I just copy them irrespective of the fact that they may be already present. The consequence is that my limited 40GB hard disk space is almost full leaving me with no more space to store anything else.
That is why I always wanted a software that could compare the contents of two folders and remove the duplicate elements.

File Comparator is a program which compares any files by their contents. This utility allow you to quickly compare contents of any files in specified folders, and allow to show files which contain same simply google file comparator software and enjoy itt

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