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The 'oslo_middleware.ssl' module usage is deprecated, please use oslo_middleware.http_proxy_to_wsgi instead

The problem was as simple as nothing but it really troubled me a lot, i have googled a lot so you don't have to.

I was trying to upload a centos image which was in qcow format, i processed everything but i don't know it gives a lot of errors while doing it.

Some of that I can see within my Horizon was

Horizon image upload failed - Danger error submitting form

Failed to list images

I'm new to Openstack but still got to know that GLANCE is responsible for the imaging part in Horizon.

Went through the log file of glance at tail -100f /var/log/glance/api.log

And found some lines error to connect at my ip with 9292 port, i somehow figured out it is relevant with the glance-api , tried to netstat the port but could not find anything.

Found solution from some website as start the glance services

glance-control all  status
 glance-control all  start

it might can help, but I was not that much lucky at all, some blog suggested me to run command as

# glance-api

The moment i run that command well some python error was there and it was 

The 'oslo_middleware.ssl' module usage is deprecated, please use oslo_middleware.http_proxy_to_wsgi instead

I searched more and more then accidentally found one of my installed oslo package contains bug that leads to the eroor


This specific version has this bug associated with it, you can overcome this by installing 

oslo.middleware-3.20 or more

I have downloaded this from internet and installed the python package using pip

# pip install oslo.middleware-3.23.1.tar.gz

Offcourse it has some dependency , but you can sort it out at your own iknow
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How to install VMWare tools from rpm using VMWare repository.

We got this requirement, when our Linux beginners folks tried to install the vmware tools from source / tar ball, they went through a lot of difficulties.

Everyone is not so comfortable while installing any application from source code, and some times i too went through a lot of challenges , the best fix is find the relevant RPM fro it and install it from one line command at all.

Somehow, i managed to find the vmware-tools repository from vmware itself.

Find and download the appropriate repos that fulfill your requirement:

And the below link is for latest packages and updates 

Download and install the respective repo and install it from yum command

[root@localhost ~]# wget

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -Uvh vmware-tools-repo-RHEL6-10.0.9-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

Once done, you can simply run the YUM tool to install the packages

[root@localhost ~]#  yum install -y vmware-tools-esx-nox

And if your linux box has not access to internet, download from the corrosponding repos from your desktop and copy it into your linux box.

Once you have the packages, you can simply install it from rpm command line.

# rpm -Uvh vmware-tools-esx-nox-10.0.9-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

It might ask for dependencies too, you can find the dependencies from the same link , download and complete your installation.

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vmware-view Configure Smart Card reader service

Recently I have got an requirement from my client to configure my Redhat 6 Workstatiom to pass Smart Card access to VMware Horizon Client.

So here we will configure our Linux workstation with SMART card reader service and then further bypass it to Vmware-View Horizon Client.

Thanks to the my one of friendly techie blog Jeppson -- He used it on UBUNTU and following it I'm successful to make it work on Redhat / CentOS  too.

Steps are as follow.

  • I presume that you already have installed the horizon bundle within your linux workstation, and you came here just to find the Smart Card solution.

  • Install necessary packages for SMART card reader (PC/SC smart card )
[cyberkeeda@testhost ~]$  yum install libpcsclite1 pcscd pcsc-tools

  • Start the pcscd daemon

[cyberkeeda@testhost ~]$   /etc/init.d/pcscd restart 

  • Ensure about the Smart Card , whether it's detected by system or not.

[cyberkeeda@testhost ~]$  pcsc_scan

output may look like this.

If that command is stuck on “Waiting for the first reader…” then you need to install your smartcard drivers. If it sees your smartcard, skip this next step and proceed to next step

Install your smartcard driver. This process is different for each card. For the card reader I have (the Identive SCR3500 A Contact Reader), I was able to obtain the drivers after much difficulty from here. The link to the drivers itself are here (alternate link). In my case I was able to untar and run the install script, which worked beautifully.

  • Start the vmware-USBArbitrator and vmware-view-USBD services

[cyberkeeda@testhost ~]$  /etc/init.d/vmware-USBArbitrator restart

[cyberkeeda@testhost ~]$  /etc/init.d/vmware-view-USBD restart

  • Add vmware configuration parameter to redirect view client to use SMART Card reader/services.

[cyberkeeda@testhost ~]$  echo 'viewusb.IncludeFamily = "smart-card"' > ~/.vmware/config

FINALLY the command.

[cyberkeeda@testhost ~]$ vmware-view

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