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The 'oslo_middleware.ssl' module usage is deprecated, please use oslo_middleware.http_proxy_to_wsgi instead

The problem was as simple as nothing but it really troubled me a lot, i have googled a lot so you don't have to.

I was trying to upload a centos image which was in qcow format, i processed everything but i don't know it gives a lot of errors while doing it.

Some of that I can see within my Horizon was

Horizon image upload failed - Danger error submitting form

Failed to list images

I'm new to Openstack but still got to know that GLANCE is responsible for the imaging part in Horizon.

Went through the log file of glance at tail -100f /var/log/glance/api.log

And found some lines error to connect at my ip with 9292 port, i somehow figured out it is relevant with the glance-api , tried to netstat the port but could not find anything.

Found solution from some website as start the glance services

glance-control all  status
 glance-control all  start

it might can help, but I was not that much lucky at all, some blog suggested me to run command as

# glance-api

The moment i run that command well some python error was there and it was 

The 'oslo_middleware.ssl' module usage is deprecated, please use oslo_middleware.http_proxy_to_wsgi instead

I searched more and more then accidentally found one of my installed oslo package contains bug that leads to the eroor


This specific version has this bug associated with it, you can overcome this by installing 

oslo.middleware-3.20 or more

I have downloaded this from internet and installed the python package using pip

# pip install oslo.middleware-3.23.1.tar.gz

Offcourse it has some dependency , but you can sort it out at your own iknow

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