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How to Fix Run DLL error message/background container.dll without using any software


Are you Getting any popups like c:\users\ed\appData\local\conduit\backgroundco container\background container.dll,  then you are not supposed to worry anymore.. here is the 100% fix trick.
 Follow the Steps.

o resolve this, download AutoRuns and save it to your Desktop.
  • Create a new folder on your hard drive called AutoRuns (C:\AutoRuns) and extract (unzip) the file there.
  • Open the folder and double-click on autoruns.exe to launch it.
  • Vista/Windows 7/8 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.
  • Please be patient as it scans and populates the entries.
  • When finished scanning, it will say Ready at the at the bottom and list all entries under the Everything tab.
  • In the top menu, click File > Find... and type the file name (backgroundcontainer.dll) related to the error message, then click Find Next.
  • Alternatively, you can scroll through the list and look for any entry related to backgroundcontainer.dll and conduit.
  • If found, right-click on the entry and choose delete.
  • Exit Autoruns and reboot your computer when done.

An alternate method to resolve this issue is as follows:
1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools.
2. Open Task Scheduler and click on Task Scheduler Library.
3. Look through the list for an entry related to BackgroundContainer.
4. If found, right-click on it and select Delete.
5. Exit all programs and reboot the computer when done.

Afterwards, please download and scan with the following tools which will search for and remove many unwanted programs (PUPs), adware, toolbars, browser hijackers, extensions, add-ons and other junkware as well as related registry entries.

Junkware Removal Tool
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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