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GitLab CI : fatal: git fetch-pack: expected shallow list [[ FIXED ]]


GitLab CI Fix : fatal: git fetch-pack: expected shallow list.

Update the git strategy to clone within .gitlab-ci.yml file.


variables: GIT_STRATEGY: clone

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How to SSH in git behind proxy on windows

SSH into GIT behind proxy.


  • Open Git Bash on the repository folder.
  • Create a new ssh config file to store values  ~/.ssh/config

cybeerkeeda@Linux-Maniac:~ vim ~/.ssh/config
  • Copy paste the below lines within the file.

ProxyCommand connect.exe -H yourproxyip:proxyport %h %p 

     user git 
     port 22 
     IdentityFile "c:\users\cyberkeeda\.ssh\id_rsa" 
     TCPKeepAlive yes 
     IdentitiesOnly yes

  • Edit few lines out of it.
  1.           ProxyCommand connect.exe -H yourproxyip:proxyport %h %p 
  2.           IdentityFile "c:\users\cyberkeeda\.ssh\id_rsa" 
      Use your proxy ip/url and port 
      Use your Identity file.

Once configuration saved check again.
cybeerkeeda@Linux-Maniac:~ service sshd restart
If required, do export http_proxies into command lines too.

export http_proxy=http://yourproxyip:port/
export https_proxy=http://yourproxyip:port/
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How to SSH and authenticate to github central repository

How to authenticate your computer to pull, push, fetch, commit to your central github account.

  • Generate your SSH-Keys.
cybeerkeeda@Linux-Maniac:~ ssh-keygen
Provide the details that it's asking from you, these details are optional you can even hit enter every time.
Generating public/private rsa key pair.Enter file in which to save the key (/home/cyberkeeda/.ssh/id_rsa):Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):Enter same passphrase again:Your identification has been saved in /home/cyberkeeda/.ssh/id_rsa.Your public key has been saved in /home/cyberkeeda/.ssh/ key fingerprint is:SHA256:j6S60jQqGdhgaikn7W37h4//fWIxfuuPn8/O8hxxeTBeS8 cyberkeeda@Linux-ManiacThe key's randomart image is:+---[RSA 2048]----+|              . .||               +o||               ++||  .   .       E =|| o o o .S      ..||o o = .o.o   o . || + + ...o.... * .||o o ..  .o. .=.*o|| . .o. ++ ...o*B%|+----[SHA256]-----+

So your key has been generated, now we will be using the public key  /home/cyberkeeda/.ssh/ kto authenticate your computer.

  • Copy your key.

cybeerkeeda@Linux-Maniac:~ cat /home/cyberkeeda/.ssh/
 ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCxzpbwBvPJ3LHJQpfxff860P4jKISitz+MueO2DFih9y97vldDhC9Ih0Q6Enw6J0YA9Z9IN+aSR7oBhwVgJGmYp1MqoS7NRuJ+EBo6ggl4ff9SJJznZMAN1/5xXGgv8lMs0KxV14aCn0KZUej2gJnkACSEilYRjU4/Fxsf+PSRNgABkQ0aFM8XodFZtlX5oTdtkkF9A16DpCGslkdCDgWR0MCxs5nB+MOIEnTTRfIPqxq7JgieVblCdW7O+7Lo8ugb0/wwv6I1AXH5Nf6h38uO3tZuM0ipc338dkTO94iCAp8129EOBqH74+tOey54WjS7m8eAtOs2W+JpUMI873qp cyberkeeda@Linux-Maniac

  • Login to your github account.
  • Click on Settings from from the drop down menu.

  • Click on SSH and GPG Keys
  • Click on SSH Key in order to add your ssh key

  • Copy paste the public ssh-key that we have copied earlier
  • Add any title to identify your machine 

So we are done with github part, now lets authenticate our computer to github.
Below command will help you to complete authentication.Note : It will ask for your github credentials, do provide it.
cybeerkeeda@Linux-Maniac:~ ssh -T
A success welcome message will appear in case if everything went successful.

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