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How to install Ansible on Ubuntu using Docker and Docker Compose

 I was quite familiar with Ansible and has good worked on automating task using it, although I was not familiar with Ansible tower, have witnessed it dashboard some time but never worked directly with it.

Now, during my current I got a task of creating a automation using service now ticket.

This some how introduced me to Ansible API, Ansible Tower Webhooks and much more, during my exploration of Ansible tower and it's component I was somehow limited up to certain access, this insisted me to install Ansible AWX an Opensource version of Ansible Tower and I would again like to thank Redhat, for keeping an opensource version of it.

The official release now doesn't support docker installation, instead they provide kubernetes installation guide, which for me personally is more hectic when it comes to testing and development.

Here is the guide, I followed to install Ansible AWX on Ubuntu.

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