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YAML Cheat Sheet


YAML or YML has become a must know data serialization language for System Administrators, it is widely used in many of the configuration management, containerization platforms , Orchestration applications, Infra as a Code, and many more, and because of it's human readable formats, it's widely accepted and used.

YAML usage in some widely used sysadmin tools.
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS CloudFormation.
  • TerraForm
Here in this blog post, i have kept some of the YAML cheat sheets, which can help you to craft your own or to read some yaml files.

Key Value

A variety of data is structured in the form of key value pairs.

Key - Items written on left side of data ( Fruit, Drink, Vegetable )
Value Items written on left side of data ( Orange, Juice, Spinach)
Important: Space after :

YAML Key Value Pair
Fruit: Orange Drink: Juice Vegetable: Spinach

List or Array

A representation of List Smartphone type and Brand type in YAML format.

YAML List/Array
- IOS - Android Brands: - Apple - Nokia - Micromax
- Vivo


A representation of Employee named 26 year old male named as Jignesh working as Web developer data in dictionary type in YAML format.

YAML Dictionary/Map
Employee: Name: Jignesh Sex: Male Age: 26 Title: Web Developer

Dictionary inside List

A representation of multiple list of Fruits (Mango, Guava, Banana) and their individual specification mapped in dictionary value ( Calories, Fat, Carbs )

YAML Dictionary inside List
Fruits: - Mango: Calories: 95 Fat: 0.3 Carbs: 25 - Guava: Calories: 105 Fat: 0.4 Carbs: 27 - Banana: Calories: 45 Fat: 0.1 Carbs: 11 Vegetables: - Onion: Calories: 25 Fat: 0.1 Carbs: 6 - Potato: Calories: 22 Fat: 0.2 Carbs: 4.8 - Ginger: Calories: 8 Fat: 0.1 Carbs: 1.9

List inside Dictionary

A representation of Employee named 26 year old male named as Jignesh working as Web developer data in dictionary type.

Employee Shail has been assigned two Projects ( Login and Logout Form ), a representation of List data.

YAML List inside Dictionary
Employee: Name: Shail Sex: Male Age: 28 Title: Web Developer
- Login Form - Logout Form

For sure there are many more to update in the YAML cheat list, but will begin with these..

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