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Ubuntu: Stop pdf to open with default ImageMagick

Surprisingly after migrating from Unity to Cinnamon DE, i found a very annoying and strange behaviour or my default  application  for PDF .

Instead of Document Viewer, it's using ImageMagick to open each PDF document, though i have adobe reader within my Ununtu 16.04, but it's not ready to leave ImageMagick at all.

So now , as always our friend is Terminal, follow the below steps to get rid of ImageMagick.

  • edit the file   ~/.config/mimeapps.list

Now remove the lines that associates PDF to imagemagick in the file:

  • image/pdf=display-im6.desktop
  • image/pdf=display-im6.q16.desktop;display-im6.desktop;
I have performed these steps within my Ubuntu 16.04, hope this gonna work for you too.

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