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Fixed !!! Error: in PDF Creator, Cannot find gsdll32.dll. Please check the ghostscript-program directory (see options)!

Cause: In the printer settings, user has specified the directory that does not exist.


  1. Once the error comes, click on Ok.
  2. Choose the first menu (Probably file) and choose options.
  3. Look for the options where we can set the directories.
  4. Give the path of C:\data\common
  5. Now give the print again for PDF.


  1. I faced this problem, but i solve it in other way. This error may occur because you have no this file on your computer (it's installation error or something like this). You should download this file from or other similar website and add it to root folder of your program.

    1. Yaa.. but the above steps helped me to fix those problems


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