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AWS CloudFormation : AWS Specific Parameter Types

AWS Cloud Formation Parameters.

Parameters section within CloudFormation template is way to gather inputs from user, which can be used within other sections of entire cloudformation script.

Parameter Type
Parameter Type plays a very important, it enable CloudFormation to validate inputs earlier in the stack creation process, thus it is a way cloudformation can validate your input based upon type before even instantiating stack creation.

Here are the valid Parameter types supported by AWS CloudFormation

String Can be used to validate normal string.
Number FAn integer or float
List<Number>RAn array of integers or floats
CommaDelimitedListHAn array of literal strings that are separated by commas
List<AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup::Id>Array of security group IDs
AWS::EC2::KeyPair::KeyNameAn Amazon EC2 key pair name
AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup::IdA security group ID
AWS::EC2::Subnet::Idsubnet ID
List<AWS::EC2::VPC::IdAn array of VPC IDs
List<AWS::EC2::Subnet::Id>An array of subnet IDs

Parameter section Example.

    DescriptionSelect the environment.
      - dev
      - prd
        - t2.micro
        - t2.small
    DescriptionSelect your Key name from List.

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