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Remove old kernels safely just by single command.

Every time we upgrade our kernel, it consumes some of the valuable space from our /boot partition, definitely a time comes its asking to free some spaces out of it.

But to keep some old kernels within your boot menu is also useful, in case some of the kernel fails to boot other might help us to boot.

Now in case you are puzzled which one to remove to free up some space, here is the solution.
The best approach is to keep the latest kernel and remove the old one, now again which one is older or latest ?

Let don't think so much Redhat Linux has already created a solution for it already, before knowing the below mentioned command, i used to do the same stuffs manually by carefully moving the oldest kernels relevant files one by one manually.

Just move on now to the a scenario

Suppose i have three kernels installed and i want to keep the latest two and else remove other kernels.

Simply run the below mentioned command.

root@localhost ]-:#  package-cleanup --oldkernel --count=2

Count =2 means it will keep the latest 2 kernel and remove rest.

Thanks to one of my group members and friend Ravish Rana, for sharing such a useful stuff with us and thus I'm sharing with all the blog readers.

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