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Varnish-Cache Server Installation from Source Code ( tar.gz file )

Varnish is a program that can greatly speed up a Web site while reducing the load on the Web server. According to Varnish's official site, Varnish is a "Web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy".

One can easily install Varnish-Cache server from yum directly, but this type we are going to install it by source code.

Download Varnish-Cache server   ---  Click here

Download and move it into /var/local directory

[root@cyberkeeda ~]# cd /var/local/

[root@cyberkeeda local]# tar xzf varnish-3.0.3.tar.gz

[root@cyberkeeda local]# cd  varnish-3.0.3

[root@cyberkeeda local]# sh

[root@cyberkeeda local]# configure

[root@cyberkeeda local]# make

[root@cyberkeeda local]#make install

One can find a installed folder by source code /var/local/varnish

Do comment in case of any issue while installation.

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