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Vulnerability Fix : Browsable Web Directories

                               How to Disable Directory Listings in Apache

Make sure that browsable directories do not leak confidentialinformative or give access to sensitive resources. Additionally, useaccess restrictions or disable directory indexing for any that do.

  • Look for apache/httpd configuration file and edit the following lines
  • Open the config file using a text editor like vi (vi httpd.conf)
  • Search for the directory section of the file where your website resides, and the Options keyword beneath that. It should look something like:
  • <Directory /home/mywebuser/public_html>
     Options Indexes 
  • Update the option 'Indexes' from the above, so the line would read instead:
    Options -Indexes
    • Keep the Indexes Option as it is , the only change is to add a "-" sighn before it.
    • After making the above changes, save the file and restart httpd/apache.


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