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[RHEL6 / CentOS 6] Unable to start nfs - getting "RPC: unable to receive; errno 111", and so on errors...

While during a setup of NFS , one might encounter with the same problem.

[root@server ~]# service nfs start
Starting NFS services:                                     [  OK  ]
Starting NFS quotas: Cannot register service: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused
rpc.rquotad: unable to register (RQUOTAPROG, RQUOTAVERS, udp).
Starting NFS mountd:                                       [FAILED]
Starting NFS daemon: rpc.nfsd: writing fd to kernel failed: errno 111 (Connection refused)
rpc.nfsd: unable to set any sockets for nfsd
First, verify that the rpcbind service is started:
# service rpcbind restart

If it wasn't started and if the above command starts it, check the nfs service next:
# service nfs restart

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