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Set Password for your Nokia Application like Contact,Msg and other private data

  • Do you want to lock your SMS inbox, Contacts, Personal notes to protect your privacy. Here is a cool application that will help you to set password for any application that you like to restrict the access from your friends and family members.

    Today I have found a smart application that helps you to set password for every application, even your mobile default apps like Contacts, SMS & Email Inbox, Personal notes, Setting etc. The application is called Active Lock that will set a lock code for application you wish to lock. When you install this application it will run behind the operating system and no one know that Active Lock is installed.

    When some one try to access the apps that you have already locked, Active Lock will ask for password to gain the access.

    Download Active Lock:
    Default Password: 12345

    I have tested this application on my Nokia N70 mobile and it is working fine and I hope this application will work will for you.

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