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Make Free Calls from Gmail Now

Most of our communication needs seem to be on a flat rate these days and one or two more phone calls on your cell may not matter. However, there is a certain appeal to free phone calls and if you want to call a landline from your PC without having to pay for a soft phone service, you can do that now. Right from your Gmail account.Now Good news for Google fans Google launched this new feature earlier today as a pilot and said that landline calling in the U.S. will remain free until at least the end of the year. Skype currently offers such a service for $7.99 per month. Google offers international calling as well, but charges extra fees – for example. 12 cents per minute to Algeria, 2 cents per minute to Australia or 4 cents per minute to
We had a quick chance to test the feature and found it to work like any other softphone service. The convenience feature here is that you can use it right out of Gmail and manage your call history and account as well. While it is clear that Google may charge for the service at some point, we wonder if this effectively devalues landline calling?
Google said it will be rolling out the feature to all Gmail users over the next few days.

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