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Ansible Videos

 Ansible Videos

Follow Complete Playlist of  "Automation with Ansible Playbooks "

Playlist Name : Automation with Ansible Playbooks 
Channel Name : Automation with Scripting

This playlist has below contents.
  • Preview of Course.
  • Story before configuration.
  • Ansible Architecture.
  • Install and configure Ansible.
  • Ansible directory structure.
  • Disable Host Key checking.
  • Inventory File, Groups, Group of Groups.
  • Different Locations of ansible.cfg
  • Review on Ansible Architecture.
  • Install and Configure Ansible on RHEL 8.
  • Ansible Ad-hoc command.
  • How Ansible Works.
  • Transfer, copy files to managed nodes.
  • Retrieve files from managed nodes to ansible engine(master).
  • Create or Delete a file from Ansible.
  • Module in Ansible to work with Files.
  • Install package using Ansible.
  • Introduction to Ansible default fact.
  • Create and Work with Ansible facts, default and custom one.
  • Work with Ansible dynamic inventory.
  • Create a custom dynamic inventory script for ansible.
  • Ansible Raw module, how manage the servers which are not installed with Python.
  • Ansible basics to write Playbook.
  • Ansible debug module and it's usage.
  • How to read and print variables in Ansible.
  • Install and use Ansible via Visual Studio Code.
  • Ansible Comparison Opeartor.
  • Ansible Block Concecpt, error handling with block resuse component.
  • Project - Java, Tomcat apllication using Ansible Playbook.
  • Ansible Vault and it's usage.

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