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AWS - How to extend windows drive volume size from an existing size to a newer size

How to extended your EBS Volume attached to an Windows Server

So to be true to you, I'm not a Windows guy, even for smaller thing i need to google, even if i already did a task based on windows server, next time it's asked to do the same I used to forgot as it's the frequency of work i get with respect to windows.

So why not draft and make a blog post, let's know how to do that.
In this blog post I will cover.
  • How to extend windows root EBS device volume.
  • How to extend an additional attached EBS volume.

Lab Setup details:
  1. We already have a EC2 instance with Windows Server installed on it.
  2. We already have a root volume ( Disk 0 ) attached of size 30Gb
  3. We have made 2 additional disk partitions as D and E drives.
  4. We already have a additional EBS volume( Disk 1 ) mounted with partition name as DATA
  5. We are assuming no Unallocated space is present.
How to extend windows root EBS device volume.

Final goal : We will add 3Gb of additional disk space to our root EBS volume ( /dev/sda1 and extend our D drive partition from 5Gb to 8Gb.

  • Go to AWS Console, select your desired Windows server EC2 instance.
  • Under description find Block Device (/dev/sda1), click it and from popup window note the EBS Volume ID and select it.
  • It will redirect to EBS Volumes window, confirm the EBS volume id, that we have noted on above step and confirm the existing size too.

  • Once Confirmed, we are ready to modify the volume size, that is from 30Gb to 33Gb
  • Select volume, right click on it, choose modify volume and make it from 30 to 33 as we want to increase it by 3Gb
  • Confirm and submit and check the state till, it become available from optimizing.
  • Once completed, we can login to our windows ec2 instnace and follow the next steps.
  • Open Run --> Paste "diskmgmt.msc" --> Action --> Refresh Disk
  • A new space with Unallocated of size 3Gb can be found.
  • Now we are ready to extend our D: drive from 5Gb to 8Gb.
  • Right Click on D: Volume --> Extend Volume --> Next --> 3Gb volume must be there within next Selected panel. --> Finish 

We can perform the same with our existing additional attached disk volumes, just identify your EBS volume id and follow up the same procedures.

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