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Change your Mobile Phone Front Style

Successful Test in My N73ME

tow type for installing the Fonts
  1. Normal mobile ( Not hacked)
  2. Hacked mobile using BinPDa SecMan method for hacking your mobile see this post.
Things required
  1. PC
  2. data cable
  3. card reader ( if possible)
  4. Mobile phone
  5. X-plore
  6. SecMan ( for hacked phone only)
  7. Don't forget to take your favorite font (only TTF font type)

Let we choose our own font to apply. i am choosing my favorite old English font

  • In your PC browse C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\OLDENGL.TTF (choose a font here)
  • copy the font to the desktop rename the font as ( NOSNR60.ttf , NSSB60.ttf,NSTSB60.ttf)
Now let we change the font

Normal mobile ( Not hacked)

  • To install font
(without card reader)
1. Connect your phone via mass storage
2. Open "resource" folder on memory card
3. Create "fonts" folder
4. Copy the files into that folder
5. Restart your phone
  • To remove font or installing new font
1. Turn off your phone
2. Remove memory card
3. Turn on your phone and wait for it until it goes on standby
4. Insert memory card
5. Wait for a minute
6. Connect your data cable and choose mass storage
7. Open the "fonts" folder
7. Delete or replace the set of fonts
8. Restart

For Hacked mobile
  • To install font
connect your mobile via PC suite and copy the fonts ( NOSNR60.ttf , NSSB60.ttf,NSTSB60.ttf) to your memory card. Here after no need to connect your mobile with PC

Due to security reasons we cannot create a fonts folder inside the resource folder.
  • open the Secman to break the security
  1. ON
  2. install root Certificate
  • open X-plore

you will see the old English font ( NOSNR60.ttf , NSSB60.ttf,NSTSB60.ttf)
Select all the three files ( not the entire old english folder)
Copy the three font files by pressing the key 1

Now Navigate to the Resource folder
create a directory inside the resource folder

Create a directory called "fonts"

Paste all the three font files that we copied previously
Restart your mobile

Now the Old English font is applied ( Success )

To remove font or installing new font

  1. Turn off your phone
  2. Remove memory card
  3. Turn on your phone ( your mobile should show the default font )
  1. break the security using SecMan
  2. Now insert your memory card.
  3. using the X-plore Delete the whole font directory under resource Directory

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